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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Obama plays to his strength

Lately I heard that Ramadi had fallen to the Daesh caliph, but also that some Special Forces have plugged one of the caliph's War Boys.

I try not to discuss Barryochus Epiphanes much around here, because - well, he's the symptom, not the germ that caused it. Briefly: I am not fond of the man, "if indeed he is a man" to paraphrase Josephus. I think he's a troll. I never assume that his motives are in the Western interest, let alone in America's. This assassination raid was a high-risk, low-value affair. It also was timed brilliantly, given how our news-media will then not report on Ramadi.

But now comes the real news: it pissed Daesh off. This will result perhaps in Daesh going after Obama's own inner-circle. This is harder to reach for a ground force; thus, that action will distract them from doing the other stuff it's been doing, like retaining their position in Ramadi and Anbar. Speaking of which, now that the Anglophone media is not going to be looking so hard at Ramadi, if the Iraqis want to go in and massacre hundreds of thugs and their supporters, they have a window to do that.

So Obama's trolling ways might actually help. I wish he'd used this talent for our behalf earlier.

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