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Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day wieners

It wouldn't be Memorial Day if not for New York City Democrat wieners, so... here's our scandal of the day. h/t Drudge.

Now, bartering over the price of hotdogs isn't my problem. That's between the vendor, his company, and their customers. If he's overcharging and pocketing the delta, his customers can raise the issue with his boss, and his boss can yank his franchise. If that's all it was, I'd not care.

But I do notice that this particular greedy vendor of methanogens is wearing a "CLIMATE ACTION NOW" shirt. He's happy to enforce regulations on the rest of us, or at least to signal that he is; less happy to follow regulations himself. We don't have his name (and we don't need it) but New Yorkers do helpfully have his face now. They will know to avoid his wares in future.

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