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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Buyer take care

Please do not purchase Throne of Glass from Daily Ripoff. $999.11? For something I already told you was broken and in need of a fix? Ye cats. I need hardly mention that if you did buy it from those gougers, I'd not see a penny of it.

So... the true second-edition is done. CreateSpace has it in process now.

The main text is 122 pages which is six pages shy of the original's (although still longer than the first airing of House of War), and I am leaving out those two appendices. Also, I figured out how to limit the whitespace on those footnote-separators - which has deleted another six pages out of the remaining appendices. To sum up, it is all now 195 pages where the original was 221 pages. As we say in sales, I am passing on the savings to YOU, the customer: from $20 (and from $999), I'm now asking for $12.

The new cover should be almost Microsoft-free now. And every fix mentioned this year is in it: the links to the new edition of The Arabs, the study of the qibla, the expansion of the suras' discussions. So, even though that last twenty-page chapter has lost content; the bleeding has been capped at ten pages, and four new pages of content and footnote have accumulated elsewhere.

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