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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Beta Max

I saw Furiosa's Road last Thursday evening. I'd been warned that I Should Not Go See it (h/t, Ace's sidebar). Like a fool, I didn't listen. I dropped my initial reactions on my walk back home (J0eTB). Anyway: first off, the movie lies. This is not a Mad Max movie. This is a movie set in the Mad Max world in which Mad Max navigates firmly in the heroine's orbit (I believe the term is, "friendzone").

I need to collect all my thoughts in one place. If nothing else, I can go back and edit this better here.

The big picture we have to see is that this director, George Miller, is of the Left. That any given work is pro-female isn't what we should worry about; we must observe the nature of the feminism on offer. If the work is preposterous on its face, then we are dealing with absurdism - with satire; or else we are dealing with strained means to force the plot into slavery for the author's message. Either way it signals propaganda. Vox Day has already noted, from afar, at least one way it's not like real life; as it happens, the clumsier latter way. Ergo, this movie is Left propaganda.

In a fictional work's villains, we will see what the author wishes to portray as the villain - which becomes vitally important when the work is a propagandum. Among the more deliberate absurdities on offer, the enemy fleet showcases a bard playing loud rock music on an electric guitar with flames shooting out of it. The whole effect is of a Spinal Tap cover. So, the enemy of femin'ity isn't an outsider like the Raqqa caliphate; it is Rape Culture, it is the masculinity of the Western male.

The film constantly alludes to the female body as the (white) man's tilth; this too is in a parodic style. This is a movie where you see (slightly off screen) fetuses being ripped out of mama's uterus by knifepoint. This is a movie where milk is extracted from human females like they were cows. And this is also a movie that is not above showing us some young chicks in wet t-shirts.

Immortan Joe, fat old patriarch, is the epitome of what a man is not to be; and he is served by half-lifes, cancer-afflicted mutants, who are promised Valhalla if they die in Joe's service, also not a fitting role for men. By contrast, what a man should aspire to be - besides Max himself, the outsider - is the half-life Nux. Nux develops an affection for one of the girls under Furiosa's charge. Nux serves this affection to its end by taking a suicide run on her behalf. So that is what men should be: sacrifices for women. [hat-tip to ZT for reminding me of Nux's role]

Charlize Theron is the story's badass; but this much feels like overcompensation. To give you an idea: when Max misses two shots, Furiosa has Max kneel so Furiosa can rest the rifle on Max's shoulder and take the shot. Furiosa duly aims and makes the shot.

Fury Road is a deeply, deeply creepy movie at its base. I got the feeling that George Miller himself had gone creepy in his dotage. I was reminded of how male SJWs behave. And, given that SJWs Always Lie, the dishonesty of its marketing campaign clinches that hunch.

UPDATE: thanks to ZT's comment, I've corrected the director's first name; it is, of course, George and not Mark (I must have been thinking of another parodist, a better one). And now you have an illustration on why I needed to have this in an author-editable format. More coffee needed.

UPDATE 2: RegularRon thought up "Beta Max" before I did. I'm pretty sure several others had beat me to it. It's the sort of thing that so obviously springs to mind, that even if I told you I did come up with it independently, it wouldn't matter. God Himself is now filing this in His Diwan under the "B" section. To be screened, of course, at the other guy's cinema.

UPDATE 5/19/2015: Contrary opinion at Counter-Currents. 5/26/2015: scroll up.

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