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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Beau Biden, RIP

Beau Biden has passed on at age 46. Brain cancer.

I never had much of an opinion about the man, except this: his jerk of a dad groomed Beau for higher office, his last name helped get him a position as Delaware's Attorney-General, and then circa 2010 said jerk tried to get Beau installed into the Senate all because, yay House Of Lords. That was the point at which I switched off - except that I hadn't noticed where Beau had done anything in the Senate.

It turns out that Beau refused to run because he was in the middle of his job, which was to prosecute this guy. And then that May Beau started showing symptoms.

To sum up: Beau had one job, as they say, and he did it; despite the temptations of DC and despite his dad - but enough about Joe. I offer condolences to the state of Delaware and to all Beau's relatives and friends. Beau Biden was a good man and an effective officer of the state court.

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