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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A paired rebuttal to "Beta Max" critiques

Greg Johnson comments:

given the manosphere reaction, I have to ask them: if they remade this movie, what would differentiate their vision from Immortan Joe’s? Probably nothing. And that kind of oriental despotism and woman hatred is profoundly foreign to our race.

Faurisson once said that the fake holocaust created by Jews could become the blueprint for the real thing. (Just to be clear, I don’t subscribe to Faurisson’s views and think that much of the holocaust story is true.) I think that the fake Western patriarchy projected by feminists is becoming the blueprint for the reaction. Another reason for clear headed Right-wing metapolitics, rather than neurotic and hysterical reactionary posturing.

This came from Counter-Currents. That explains why race and Holocaust-revisionism are here being checked off the box. By so doing Johnson has excluded those topics from his argument, which topics also had never made up part of the original review (well, maybe race, a bit). If you've been reading my blog here for any length of time, you'll know that I do care about all that stuff; but you'll also know that I am not "triggered" by it. But I will, since I suppose I must, allow a brief pause for reader trigger-warnings... insofar as they count where they be post-facto.

Done? Smelling-salts consumed? A stiff drink of potables appropriate to your religion and time-of-calendar poured? So. Let us continue -

Trevor Lynch had, in the main review, illustrated how "Immortan Joe's vision" is "Oriental". More exactly, Lynch and Johnson believe this vision to be Ottoman and early Safavi. (George "Miller" Miliotis is of the Anatolian Greek diaspora, like Robert Spencer.) As for the film's prole white "bogan" guitar-heroism, these reviewers explain them (away) as situational.

I wasn't going to take Lynch's review seriously at the time, but Johnson's supplement gives me more pause. When we take the two opinions together, we can accept that the Big Bad's society is theocratic-Turkic in structure. It seems that Lynch and, more adroitly, Johnson have correctly seen that Immortan Joe is a satire of the masculinist tendency, which is currently being - uh - spearheaded in "Return of Kings" and other such sites. The theme of the "harem" serves this satire.

But this was... my point. All along, this was my point. "Return of Kings" cried foul in the first place because they recognised Beta Max as a satire and a misrepresentation of what men want. What I'd done was to illustrate how it was a satire - and to illuminate the targets of the satire.

To George Miller, these targets may be portrayed as like the old Turks but they are not Turks. The real patriarchs are white men. But not men Of Our Level, dearie-me.

As for Counter-Currents: they certainly have the right to a Northern vision of gender-role in which Valkyries fight alongside Vikings as equals or near enough; or at least to a Spartan vision where the women compete in athletics and hold up the home front (I myself sympathise with this). But Beta Max will not support them for the former, and he cannot support them for the latter.

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