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Sunday, April 19, 2015

What did Scalzi know and when did he know it?

John Scalzi's Old Man's War was entered into consideration for a Hugo under conditions that, the Hugo committee now admit, flouted the rules.

Scalzi had the option of claiming that the Internet was young (ten years young in 2005 but hey) and that everyone was still blundering around, and of saying - yeah, I guess we all goofed. Well maybe. But if so, it's interesting to watch how Scalzi thrashes around and makes excuses. He doesn't sound contrite at all. Asking him to apologise for polluting the 2006 process is quite out of the question.

Given the bluster now, I have to assume that Scalzi knew that his situation was queer at the time. Back in January 2006, he floated some unease that they might nominate a different six-year-old work, Agent to the Stars. But now I'm seeing the guy do a lot of deflection. So, I suspect deliberate sleight-of-hand, on OMW's behalf.

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