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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Upload #110 - feast of crows

Back in 21 September 2014 I had de-linked "Solomon's Revenge" and "Reformer from Pharaoh's Family" because their content was going to be in Throne of Glass. Not so much, now. I've put those essays back up here, perhaps with better arguments in "Reformer"'s case.

On a less defeatist note, "Islamic Ethics" was basically incomplete before. I've gotten a much better handle on its topic sura 35; I see it as revolutionary, so aligned with sura 28. Also "Interceding with God" on sura 39 is in a better state now, definitely aligned with sura 28 - in fact 39 quotes from 28. (Found this out from Sale's translation-with-commentary, back in 1734. A long time ago... so, I really should have known better.)


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