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Sunday, April 26, 2015

The cult of Vani Hari

Vani Hari meddles and meddles. And still has fans. Here's BottomLine4This, with a quote that pinged my crazy-dar:

What a load of crap you deliver Yvette [d'Entremont, a critic of Hari, the "science-babe"]. Your “credentials” mean nothing if how you use that knowledge evidently leads you to the foolish thinking that is apparent in what you write. Food Babe is right in what she shares. Maybe there is some level of jealousy on your part that she IS making an impact, unlike you, who I never heard of before a friend directed me to this load of crap. Seems you are desperate to get attention by attacking someone who IS getting attention. You would have done better at gaining a legit audience if you would have just shared your thoughts on science issues without resorting to going after Vani. Her voice IS being heard and IS growing. Sad to be you “science” “babe”. smh (It looks like you mainly accept comments that support your claims. Very telling. At least you saw this)

To this poster, who based on her breath-bankrupting is probably a "fellow" female: D'Entremont's knowledge and training are ruled invalid because it has been used to come up with the "wrong" information. Also, D'Entremont is less "impactful" and as everyone knows, being able to lead a successful mob is excellent evidence of being correct. Attacks on Hari's assertions are personal attacks on Hari and, by extension, this poster.

If you scroll the entire article, you learn that Hari bans thousands of people. Sometimes they are banned pre-emptively. Often they are banned for disagreement. Anyone outside the community with an opinion on the topic is potentially a paid shill by the Evil Ones.

I have, to my eternal regret, participated in blogs like this before. Their proprietors are cultivating mental slaves and fanatics. Hari is running a cult. It is a dangerous cult, and her targets are enabling this cult whenever they cave to her whims.

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