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Monday, April 06, 2015

So much for all that

I lost my old IMG files when Yahoo blasted my SBCGlobal server. So I'll try this on Google.

As you know, I like computer games, and I've tried to keep what I'd bought. One of these vintage games was/is Grim Fandango. Every time I'd bought a new computer, I installed the software on it. Heck I dragged the DVDs all the way here to Colorado and installed the thing on this machine over here.

So you can imagine that I was... a little disappointed at Tim Schafer's recent comments. I was going to snail-mail the intact DVDs back to him. But he doesn't have an easily-accessible mail addy. I then figured it was too much like hard work to find one, so:

As an aside, I still can't find that last HoD logo at because AT&T have mostly locked out those old pages from Wayback. But then, it never was all that great; graphic-design, as you ALSO know, isn't my thing. So I've put up a placeholder title-splash which is, at least, better than the placeholder I'd had here since 2011. The font is Wizzta 1.3; it's pretty good.

Next stop: Far Cry 4. 625 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94107.

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