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Thursday, April 16, 2015

More retractions

The novel Terms of Enlistment is a lot like Old Man's War.

Each novel worshipped at the altar of Heinlein. And the author of each has turned around and spat upon the genre's fanbase:

My withdrawal has nothing to do with Larry Correia or Brad Torgersen. I don’t know Brad personally, but Larry is a long-time online acquaintance and friend. We’ve known each other since before our writing days. I have no issue with Larry or the Sad Puppies. I’m pulling out of the Hugo process solely because Vox Day also included me on his “Rabid Puppies” slate, and his RP crowd provided the necessary weight to the ballot to put me on the shortlist. I think Vox Day is a shitbag of the first order, and I don’t want any association with him, especially not a Hugo nomination made possible by his followers being the deciding factor. That stench don’t wash off.

Yeah, there's an apology... to one guy. It was a very narrow apology to that one guy. That one guy has accepted it. I'm still waiting for my apology.

If he even wants to give one. Since he's already deemed me a stench that don’t wash off.

UPDATE 4/17: Amazon saw fit to delete my comment appended TO MY OWN REVIEW. Which comment - after noting the Puppies controversy - made clear that I had no intention of changing the text of said review, nor of altering the rating I'd given it. I don't know why the comment got the eraser, but I can think of one possible excuse: quoting Kloos's own words. As you can read above, those words contained an obscenity.

At this point, I'm beyond caring. Kloos's book wasn't that good and it wasn't that important - I did him a favour by reviewing it when I did. I also have to consider Kloos's own fine example - when caught in a controversy, just walk away. So I've decided to delete my review from Amazon.

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