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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Yes, it's valid to call Scott Walker a fascist

ObamaCare's core problem is that it is fascist. It forces people to purchase a product on pain of an additional tax.

The ethanol mandate, also, forces people to pay a premium for transportation: personal transportation being the obvious, but at the least transportation for necessities. (I suppose I could move to Walden, farm potatoes and chickens, and drag my stuff to market on a horse. Likewise for healthcare needs I suppose I could just not work and so not pay taxes. But in practice...) Mandates are popular with exactly one party: those who are selling the product to a - literally! - captive consumer.

For Iowans, their pet boondoggle is ethanol. On that - here's Scott Walker, once again, being a useless pander of a politician.

So not only is Walker fine with fascism, but he has no standing to oppose other forms of fascism; starting with the mandates in "ObamaCare".

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