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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Radishes and rabbits

A few weeks ago, I ran across the meme-generator White Rabbit Radio, which panders to white fans of the Nazi Holocaust.

I say this because their logo has the Schutzstaffel's lightning-bolt logo deep in their rabbity eye-pupils. This symbolism is even less subtle than is that in the mulatto Frenchman's quenelle. But anyway, despite all that, I gave the Radio a hearing. Because - well, first, I'll admit, I was bored. But I did find that some of the non-Nazi memes deserve a hearing, starting with that famous "anti-racist is anti-white".

One meme over there was more complex than some of the others. In it, Adolf Hitler had been brought back to life and claimed he had foresworn his past misdeeds. The old villain "proved" this by moving straight to Israel... wherein he instituted Diversity. Israel, naturally, swiftly became a hellhole entirely hostile to the Tribe(s) - starting with observant Jews. The subtext is that Israelis know exactly what Diversity is and wouldn't ever allow it there. Therefore, Jews who pretend Israel as their homeland cannot deny homelands to other deserving peoples; like to, oh, white peoples.

It is possible that the Radio had intended just to troll the Jews and to stroke-off those fanboys of the SS who make up the Radio's audience.

But the Radio does more than that. The Israelis in the cartoon short never were very liberal; they spend most of their energies earnestly explaining to Hitler what his policies will mean for their nation. At least the Zionists here don't really deserve what they got; and the Hitler here comes off as a scheming hypocrite. I could see something like this coming from a conservative Jew as a warning to his liberal colleagues.

Other nationalists have noted that there exists a sharp break in Jewry between the pretend-universalist Diaspora and the nationalist Israel. And I think they've also noted that it might be worth the nationalists' while to take note of this:

Today, the slogan “Open Borders for Israel” is a way to point out the naked nationalist double standard and the stark existence of Jewish privilege. A decade from now, “Open Borders for Israel” may be policy. Will this somehow improve our own situation?

From a nationalist perspective it's our own situation which must be paramount; it's our own right to exist that must be asserted. SS-chic, as we find in the Radio - and in the "Daily Stormer" blog for that matter - focuses on the situation of others; it denies the rights of others to exist. The Radio's whole argument is "why one and not the other". Well... why, if "not the other" is all one can think of as a public emblem, should anyone support the one?

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