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Monday, February 02, 2015

Zoe Quinn isn't the enemy

I got out in front of #gamergate early, partly for tribal reasons, but mainly because I don't like Sarkeesian. I wasn't ever so sure about Chelsea van Valkenburg, whom most gamers (now) (unfortunately) know as "Zoe Quinn".

I don't like van Valkenburg's life-choices. And I'm a reactionary; I'll happily slut-shame one who deserves the shaming. Also I didn't appreciate her self-aggrandising tweet-handle "khaleesi of the SJWs" - when you're caught out being a scumbucket, you're supposed to repent of it, not take it as a battle-banner. Still. At the end, I figured van Valkenburg was being used.

Lately I've been wondering if Zoe Quinn is more sinned-against than sinning... now I'm hearing similar from Angry Joe.

If there's a point to this post, I think van Valkenburg is Jesse Pinkman. Anita Sarkeesian is her Walter White.

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