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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Upload #108 - crusade

My references to Ghazwat al-Hind have, up to now, relied upon an anti-Islamic tract by Kashi Pandita. It's not too bad as a pointer to Islamic material, but it's not exactly scholarly. I needed to support these refs with something less polemical and with attention paid to source-transmission. If I'm reading David Cook's Muslim Apocalyptic right, there really hasn't been much about ghazwat al-Hind until 2001. And I haven't found anything else since then (if we're agreed to dismiss the, uh, Pandits).

So, as too-often happens around here, I've rolled my own: "When Jesus's Army Attacked India". (Well, okay, it might still be a little snarky . . .) Also my first "corrected" project, "The Return of the Shah", now points thither. Note that that one's still pointing to Pandita, also. Pandita had offered an Indo-Iranian perspective on Jesus's army, which is what that project is all about. So at least that essay cannot do without it. I lastly fixed up "Parodies" a bit.


*And, once again, I'm pulling down Throne of Glass and The Arabs and Their Qur'an. In addition to wanting a ref to this project I've increasingly had the feeling that there may be another page or three added to one or 'tother in the near future. Which means renumerations.

UPDATE 2/22: The books are back. Also re-posted "India". For the last two Nu'aymi ahadith, I dug some relevant information out of Madelung's classic (1986!) article on Himsi apocalyptic.

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