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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Upload #104 - crucifixion? Out of the door, line on the left

Sometime around 2003 or 2004, I found that pseudo-Sebeos the Armenian had noted a speech of Muawiya (on Uthman's behalf), in which these muqatilan had denied that Jesus was Lord. This much was, and is, orthodoxy in Islam. Islam allows Jesus as the once and future Messiah, sure; but he is not Messiah now and he wasn't in the 600s AD, either. Where the two Umayyads differ from Islam is that they claimed that Jesus had been killed...

The project got entangled in the origins of suras 3 and 4, and so it didn't get posted. But I've scaled back its ambitions, and I looked up the Syriac for Isho'yahb III (I already did the Maronite Chronicle). I think that this revived Uthman-era project is getting the job done now. So here we go: "Early Umayyad Theories of the Cross".

* and whilst I was at it, I've gone through wherever else I'd been mentioning Isho'yahb III and the Maronite Chronicle. That's "Monks", "Return to the Garden", "The Ararat Tax" and "Damdam" in increasing order of need-to-fix. One exception, though; I'm not changing "Hanaput". Isho'yahb is just too early. I haven't enough controls on his use of terms; it is, instead, his use of terms which scholarship will have to demonstrate. So the order of logic is: "Hanaput" > "Heretic" > "Cross".


Topic for discussion: If Muawiya as Syrian amir didn't care if Jesus was Prophet or not, what can be said about his uncle Uthman's parallel attempts to standardise the Qur'anic "furqan"? Whither sura 3?

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