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Monday, February 09, 2015

Upload #103+ - forbearance

[2/7] "Qudsi" was kind of a rush-job too. So, whilst I was rummaging through the digital geniza last few days, I stumbled upon a separate set of material that touched on al-Shabi's material and students, and yet more on sura 32. Some of the latter went into (what I'm hoping is) the last fix to Throne of Glass. Here is where we get to improve the circumstantial case for al-Mughira's qudsi / injil quote.

BUMP 2/9: I went through those massive Prometheus books over the weekend: Ohlig and Ibn Warraq. Accordingly, I've tweaked "Qudsi" - and those other newbies "Hanaput" and (if you're counting second-lives) "Muhkam". Also Luxenberg informs me (through his books) that sura 24 is the, er, first sura to claim itself as a sura. That affects "Focus on Chastity" and, even more so, "Scriptures of the Women".

And then there's "TSM". I've been debating (internally) for years now whether or not I even want "TSM" on my site anymore. Last year I considered putting it in Throne of Glass but decided it was a waste of paper. Sure I was proud of myself when I finally caught that 26>28 sequence late in 2011. I was even happier with 41>28 (New Year Eve 2010) and I was glad to find 18>28 too (2012) - both of those went into the "Explications" project when that was a going concern.

But "TSM" is very short. And it's showing 26>28 where Elder had already shown us 27>28 and where elsewhere I've got 26>27. All that 18>28 and 41>28 stuff is in the geniza too; where, at this point, these sequences belong, since little of this stuff tells us much about anything beyond the bare sequence.

Still: as long as "TSM" is up here, I may as well bring it up to date.


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