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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Upload #101 - next stage

I've been wrestling with the term "hanif" in the Qur'an and Arabic literature for some time. But recently I've thought - why not treat it in Syriac? The main work's been done already to call the hanif as Syriac; Arthur Jeffery, for a start, and these days - more forcefully - Christoph Luxenberg. But that's on the Arabic side. Maybe the word has its own history on the Syriac side.

Mentions of hanif affect the suras which quote from suras 6 and 10. Those would be suras 12 and 39 so, projects "Retrieval of Joseph" and "Interceding with God". But that's just where I cite Luxenberg.

Anyway, for a full contextual look (even if I don't know Syriac past the alphabets - plural - I can, still, do context, based on translations) I got a new project out: "The Hanaput of Syria". This expands a footnote in House of War which muddles about Patriarch Athanasius II of Balad, and whether he was reacting to true paganism, or else playing the troll by applying "hanif" to Arabs. Since posting House of War I've read Holger Zellentin, who plumps for the latter.


(At some point I'll actually have to learn Syriac. I've been saying this, but . . .)

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