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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Throne of Glass again

I'd been vague about exactly what revisions went into Throne of Glass last time. And since then the text has been - well, let's just say, volatile. So, some explanation would be appropriate, I think.

In the initial update: I added more evidence for 20 > 7 > 32 that I'd found in one of Bellamy's many articles about fixing the Qur'an. (This was an outgrowth of what I'd done to rebut Witztum.) I also figured out exactly WHY everyone got so angry with al-Hajjaj when he "killed the salat" - extrapolating from a Rubin article. I dug up another possible Abd al-Aziz-era (685-705) reference to another David / Uriah verse, here preserved by Ibn Abd al-Hakam; which, again, leaves me wondering about sura 38's construction. I learnt about the ghazwatu'l-Hind, which connect projects in Syria with raids into India.

As of 3-4 February: the taqiy(y)a is strictly defined as not simple "dissimulation", nor even such in God's sabîl. This defensive sense was, luckily, the sense in which I had used it; but I had left my definitions too open: and it seems I'd punted for this term when I did the glossary because it wasn't even there when I re-evaluated said glossary. In other Bellamy news I'd (finally) found the footnote, which I'd lost, wherein Bellamy describes the earliest basmala's. Simeon of the Olives is another - better - example of Abd al-Malik's favour to Miaphysitism in Christianity. I'm linking to "Muhkam" now that it's back, and to "Qudsi" now that it's left the slushpile. I took Robert Spencer off the bibliography, given that (I've found) this book doesn't cite him; but I did acknowledge his work in Acknowledgements because trolololo. Lastly I fixed up the index. Those Miaphysites needed some attention.

As of now: I found the Syriac base for Palmer's "God is great" quote and found that the Maronite Chronicler hadn't said exactly that. I corrected the "Rubin, page whatever" references to point to the relevant article - now that there are two no wait three Rubin articles in the bibliography. That third Rubin article goes to a general improvement of the book's understanding of sura 32.

So this edition, or set of editions, isn't DIFFERENT. It's not like when I was pulling whole swathes of text into appendices like in House of War or overhauling essays like in The Arabs and Their Qur'an. This edition is just BETTER.

UPDATE 2/7/2015: Bumped, because I had to yank it again. Back now.

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