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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The bad parenting enablement act sent me a link to a so-called "Help Stop Bullying: Pass the Safe Schools Improvement Act" by Danielle Green and Angie Stagge.

To get this out front: these two women failed in their task as parents, which is to protect their children. As is the nature of Americans, they blame America's legal-system for their own neglect and sloth. Hence, they are petitioning for a federal-level act of Congress. This, we are told,

will empower schools around the country to handle instances of bullying and cyberbullying that have the potential to impact a child’s learning environment, and requires that all schools that receive federal funding put protocols in place to combat bullying

Shorn of humbug-ese: the Feds are to get involved if A says something B does not like - including across state lines (how else could this be a Federal case?). Based on my experience with other hamfisted Federal regulations, this act will not solve the problem. It is more likely to be used as a cover for bullies and, more so, for school administrators to cover their arses. But I know who is slavering the most about this extension of mandate: Obama's politicised FCC.

Ultimately the Federal government is power. One who seeks power to exert one's will makes that one a bully herself.

And I wonder if we're hearing the whole story from the Green family in particular. In her suicide note, Angel asked for us to get her justice. From Hell's heart she stabs at thee! Clearly this suicide was an act of vengeance; by slaying herself she slew the whole world. Shall I mourn the woman who has slain me?

I will, of course, not be signing this petition. Consider this post my counter-petition.

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