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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Once more

The Arabs and Their Qur'an, edition 5.2, is being "processed" now. Should be available by tomorrow.

(Why "5.2"? Because I've kept the page count the same. Means I don't have to go BACK through Throne of Glass and all the PDFs to keep them pointing to the right places.)

I'm equivocating more about Uthman's acceptance of sura 3 (although our caliph-mahdi probably knew the work) - as mentioned last few days here. I skimmed Duval's Latin translation of Isho'yahb III's letter to Simeon, so got a feel for its state of mind ("gloating douchebag" was, I believe, the phrase that came to mind; I was tempted to put that in the text). In addition I realised I messed up on Qasr 'Amra - it's prince al-Walid's castle, in the 720s AD, not that of his uncle al-Walid I ten years earlier. (I hate when I do that.) I found a new use for Qasr Amra as the victory-lap for the ghazwat al-Hind. And I found Zamakhshari's ruku-divisions for sura 53, which helps that satanic-verses essay "Killing the Cranes".

UPDATE 2/15 - Zamakhshari has helped a LOT with sura 53. Check back here this evening.

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