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Thursday, February 19, 2015


I hadn't posted anything about Graeme Wood's article, because it said everything you need to know.

For Wood the da`ish caliphate represents apocalyptic Islam. This is not al-Qaeda; Bin Laden thought this stuff was for proles. This strain of the Imân does however happen to be what most supporters of al-Qaeda had been believing all this time. Now these supporters got the real thing.

Here’s a book on the topic: David Cook’s Contemporary Muslim Apocalyptic Literature. I haven’t read it but I did read Studies in Muslim Apocalyptic, which deals with the original texts. So I can endorse what Wood has written, at least in outline. It's also now worth reading Razib Khan (when is it not?).

I suppose that when I read Wood's piece I should have guessed that it would bring out the anklebiters, pissed off that they hadn't got to the topic first. And here come the Social-Justice Warriors, to explain how the article lacks nuance. To explain how naskh does not exist (so sura 22 doesn't get overthrown by canonised literature that came after it), how Muhammad never planned to destroy the systems of governance of their day, how slavery and slaughter were understandable in context.

Nuts to that, Jack Jenkins. Nuts to that. You're not "nuanced"; you're not well-informed, and you're a coward and a liar. You're an apologist for ISIS also but that's the least of it.

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