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Tuesday, February 03, 2015


Joss Whedon wants another communist in office. I started to suspect something was off about Whedon when he screened "Serenity" in charity-offerings for "Equality Now".

If you've seen that movie, and you need to, it is more effective as libertarian parable than anything Ayn Rand ever did. I've mentioned it several times here before, and also its predecessor "Firefly" series.

But Whedon was presenting this to us as a feminist movie. It really wasn't. Strong and self-willed women were a subtext - Zoe, Kaylee, less so Inara - but they made a weak subtext. Honestly "Firefly" had made a stronger case for feminism in, say, episodes "Heart of Gold" and "Shindig". (We are ignoring here River Tam: she comes to us genetically gifted and physically altered, to be a weapon, and unwillingly at that. River is now a "monster", as her own brother has blurted out once or twice. Therefore intrinsically not "equal".)

And Whedon was shilling for a "@#$%-now" outfit at that. Think the "Housing Now" movement which PJ O'Rourke laughed at in "Parliament of Whores". Or "Act Now to Stop War and End Racism". Or "Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now".

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