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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Muawiya and Odoacer

Muawiya took over the Syrian region as a protector of the Maronites; whom he supported against Monophysites, Nestorians and Jews. At this time (40 / 660) the Emperor at Constantinople (and at Syracuse) was himself in communion with the Maronites - the term is Monothelete. And Muawiya wouldn't wear a crown.

I mean, all this changed later on. But still. I'm not much of a revisionist - at this point I do accept the presence of a proto-Islam, at Madina mostly - but I must admit here that we really don't have much evidence of "Islam" from the top of the Arab hierarchy in this era. Very very few Qur'anic quotes. Not much more in the way of Qur'anic jargon (rabb al-'alamin, &-c). This is why Volker Popp and Yehuda Nevo wonder if Muawiya was a Byzantine agent or a crypto-Maroni (in those days, about the same thing).

I was just thinking about what Odoacer the Ostrogoth did in Rome and in Ravenna when he booted out Romulus Augustulus. Odoacer sent that crown back to Constantinople. The Goths, also, had some non-Catholic notions on Biblical texts; or at least had those guys slinking around the camp-fires. Odoacer didn't make a big thing about whatever it was he believed; he just wanted to rule Italy without hassle.

This looks to me like Muawiya was presenting himself to the Greeks in similar fashion.

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