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Friday, February 06, 2015

Meddlers gotta meddle

Vani Hari, social-justice warrior, has won one: no more butylated hydroxytoluene, whatever that is, in your childrens' cereal. It sure sounds bad!

Hari claims she has met with "scientists"... but. Anyone with a degree can be a scientist. I'm a credentialed ancient-Mediterranean scholar. I still don't claim authoritah for what I post around here. That's why I dump so many footnotes into anything and everything; that's why Throne of Glass has been a yo-yo these last three weeks.

And where her lines tell me European countries are banning stuff based on "science", I'm reading between her lines that this science isn't consistently reproducible. As witness, I bring everyone in America at the age of 45ish who has consumed this stuff in the 1970s and still lives. (Yeah okay, I did get cancer once. It was melanoma. BAN THE SUN)

"Guilty until proven innocent" is what rules in Europe, and is what Hari approves. Hari's getting fame and fortune for scaring corporations under a fascist regime. I don't think Hari's going to stop here. And I don't think she's going to restrain herself to corporations.

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