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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Hypocrisy fighting evil

Spencer is still on the case: Muslim leaders say death by burning is un-Islamic, but don’t address its Islamic justifications.

It's easier for a Christian to denounce and repudiate the violent acts done by Christians. They look to Christ, who was not violent. Where a Christian leader performs violence, the Christians can either denounce him as wrong or else they can argue for his cause as a Just War.

Muslim texts are more ambiguous. If they do not entirely recommend violence in the sabili'llah, they do condone it. On the one hand this allows the Muslims to get started with the battle sooner; and they can call Christians hypocrites if they fight back. But on the other... it means that when the Muslims get called on it, the whole of Islam gets called on it.

When I first heard de la Rochefoucault's definition of hypocrisy as the respect vice pays to virtue I figured out what side I was on. At least I want to pay some basic respect to virtue.

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