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Monday, February 23, 2015

Homeworld Remastered

New version of Homeworld on its way. And we ARE promised mod tools.

Maybe we can finally have that Crusade mod. I could say I was embarrassed but (my excuse anyway) I learnt halfway through the level-design that we never had the tools to do much. Fortunately... I saved the html back in 2001.

Real reason I couldn't get this off the ground: 9/11 happened, and I got into that other obsession. Given that my day-job is software, I couldn't really get into space-game development as a secondary hobby. I had to invest too much time into that "other obsession".

UPDATE 2/23: I'm bumping this from Saturday 18:39. Chant is, we're not getting the tools. At least, not straightaway.

I'm kind of interested now, now I consider things, and now that I know that at least one reason I should buy this thing is off the table . . . if we're at least getting that Turanic Raider mission, Raider Retreat.

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