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Friday, February 20, 2015

Billionaires against America

Giuliani said something and the media and the Left have decided to hit him Alinsky-style; to isolate the man. (I disclose here I've not been pro-Giuliani as a statewide figure let alone nationwide. So in the following I am supporting his statements, and his right to make these statements.)

From the Daily News:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, “doesn’t question President Obama’s motives. He does question President Obama’s disastrous policies,” a spokeswoman said.

That's a given. Jeb Bush cannot question Obama's motives because Jeb shares those motives. Here's what matters more:

Even the host of the “21 Club” get together, billionaire Republican John Catsimatidis, distanced himself from Giuliani’s remarks. “I wouldn’t have said it,” Catsimatidis told the News on Friday. “I respect the position of President.”

Ah yes. The Order of the Even-Republican; elsewhere seen bestowed upon such luminaries as John Dean and John McCain. Humbug. HUMBUG, I say.

We've known out here in the blogosphere that Obama was our Salvador Allende since at least 2008. It was early on articulated in Moldbug's classic postelection analysis (I keep coming back to that) but, deep down, we knew it from when we first heard of Bill Ayers and the New Party. We can certainly argue over whether Obama is more a Fascist than a Marxist - Obama's only virtue is that he is lazy, and so cannot be a true Marxist. We cannot argue that Obama belongs in the truest American tradition. Obama simply doesn't belong here.

Which means Giuliani is right. To the extent he's right - which as I've noted, in this context approaches the asymptotic limit - he deserves our full-throated support.

Back to Catsimatidis: to the extent he wrings his hands and "won't say" the truth, he is an enemy to the truth. To the extent he won't do it on behalf of America, he is not on her side either. And look at the subtext: the "respect for the position of President". That's not respect for the Resolute Desk you're smelling. You're smelling Catsimatidis's fear of the man who is propping his feet on it.

Catsimatidis speaks for the Money Community. These gentry can, if they must, piss off to Switzerland or Singapore or Moscow. They'd rather not have to, so they host moderate Republicans like Giuliani (and not Palin). They hedge their bets. And when Giuliani himself decides he's done pretending, the Money Community abandons him. America is just the middle band of a continent to them.

The sheer selfishness and disassociation of the Money Community from those of us who are stuck where we're at are big reasons why ideologies like, well, Fascism exist. Catsimatidis is a worm. He'll go with the fascism he fears most. Giuliani, not being a fascist, or at least not a very strong one is less of a threat.

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