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Sunday, January 18, 2015


Pro-whites tend to get angry about Diversity - this much, we know. One of their better arguments is that affirmative-action (particularly) will select unworthy candidates, who are transparently there on account of race, and who end up doing nothing useful but "manage" (i.e. meddle). Pro-whites believe that, just by dint of IQ, a pro-white society (and state) would naturally allow more competent candidates to take positions of responsibility. This opinion is incidentally shared with Conservatives and (more so) Libertarians, but it's not polite to tell them that.

Neo-neocon argues against the pro-white position (as such) that it is more likely that a pro-white state would decay - VERY quickly - into a racket that rewards political suck-ups. Which suck-ups wouldn't be competent either. But hey. White!

I suspect Neo-neocon is right. This is why, although I'll link to pro-white sites and articles, I insist on drawing those lines . . .

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