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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Upload #99 - Promises kept

During my first rush of posting stuff, toward the end in spring 2010, I was throwing everything I could find against that proverbial wall. Among these was a look into the parallels between the muhkam passages of suras 4, 6, and 17 - the "Islamic ten commandments" if you will. This was "The Muhkam of the Furqan".

Later on I fine-tuned a lot of what I'd been saying about the proto-Qur'an's transmission. Much of "Muhkam" ended up cannibalised for other, better essays. Then, in January 2012, most of these ended up in The Arabs and Their Qur'an. Not without some hiccups; in the first edition I'd forgotten that I'd pulled out Uthman's take on things, so that joined the collection later under the title "The Martyr For The Book". (There was some shuffling here too.)

By that point the source "Muhkam" essay had crumbled into the state of a devastated ruin. It didn't even have a proper title anymore: "The Muhkam of the Furqan" had referred to a Tamimite poem, relevant to Uthman's recitation of sura 17; it was no longer relevant to anything in this essay. (This topic shifted to a part of "The Martyr for the Book" in case you were wondering.) Also I'd found Devin Stewart's 2008 essay, "Notes on Medieval and Modern Emendations" which had argued much the point of The Paper With No Name - but only in an aside, and looking into the barest text only. Clearly I needed to rewrite this thing. So I took "Muhkam" down-for-maintenance, along with "Covenant Of Those Given The Book" and others. Unfortunately since the link was down, that meant the versions of The Arabs I've had are now pointing nowhere. Turns out I was wrong about no other essays relying on this one - gah!!

I have now restored the essay, with a real(ish) title: "The Muhkam of the Was[s]iya". (The inconsistent and wrong spelling is on my next to-do list.) With this title, those who're looking for "-to the Furqan" in the books they've bought should at least manage "-to the Wasiya" with a minimum of confusion. In sha'a 'llah.

Also corrected: "Dispute"; and "Interceding with God" and "Abraham's Promise" again.


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