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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Upload #100 - Centistone

Only ten more of these hundred-upload marks and then we can call it a milestone...

First off: as you know, I've redone several essays in one book and pushed some edits into another, and to support all that I renamed and reposted that "Muhkam" essay. So my old essays need to point to these new page-numbers and references - specifically, I've counted 16 essays, not counting "Muhkam" itself. And even "Muhkam" still had some small issues when I reposted it, so, I had to fix those too. Nicolas Sinai's article led me to Ibn 'Abd al-Hakam, which I'd already added to The Arabs 5.1, so I threw that into "Joseph".

Redirecting reference links is NOT among my favourite things to do. In case you wondered.

But, better news! I've pulled a longstanding (before February 2009) footnote out of my "geniza" slushpile. There are many parts to this. First, al-Mughira (allegedly) quoted a Jewish legend (complete with Moses). In the course of this, he quoted a translation from the Gospel - to be specific, from tritoIsaiah (Is. 56-66), from Paul and maybe from Thomas. Lastly the hadith (and probably not al-Mughira) referred to Q. 32:17.

Back in 2009 I was hung up on what do with sura 32 generally. This essay wasn't much help (in its 2009 state). That's why it hadn't found its way out of its hole. But recently I've organised my thought, and scaled back this essay's ambitions such that it now mainly buttresses "Torah To Hadith"; and it turns out it is slightly helpful to sura 32 as well. It's not a legal hadith so I'm not going to shoehorn this into "Torah To Hadith" although, it probably would have been suitable for The Arabs as a standalone if I were still adding essays to it. I think it works well-enough for what it tries to do. This being mine only criterion for posting PDFs, here's the PDF: "An Umayyad-era Qudsi".


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