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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Two felonies, one cup

I read this sad story. Some high-school coach in Upnorth recorded a wankvid and accidentally sent it to his students... who weren't amused. So now he is a Sex-Offending Felon. I'm going to come out and say that the felony charges - there are now TWO of them now - need to be dropped. h/t Maet @ ace's ONT.

The initial charges were "Risk of Injury to Child"-a felony-along with two misdemeanor counts each of obscenity and breach of peace. I can buy the second two. Not buying the first, not in days when high-school kids in Connecticut (the targets) have access to the Internet and, I gather, have seen a lot worse on the Internet. As for the "witness tampering", the intended target didn't get the text and so by definition is NOT A WITNESS.

But hey, Connecticut! Without some ludicrous charges, you'll not get a good bargaining-position when dealing with opposing legal counsel. And don't forget Great White Defendant! Gotta run up those sex-offender stats so that those Hispanics and other foreigners (with respect to far-north Connecticut) don't look so bad.

UPDATE: Apparently even other girls aren't allowed to run up the score against the Specialtown Snowflakes.

So, back to Story A, now I'm getting to suspect that we might have a Social Justice War on our hands here. (On our left hands, in this case.) I gotta say, I'm uncomfortable with this. On this blog I don't normally venture to address the distaff side. Yes, I used to do that, on okCupid back when I had a blog-posting account there; but I, er, dumped it. In 2011. So I'll pause, here, to give this issue all due consideration and sensitivity.


Hey news flash, bitches!

There exist creeps out there - which creeps aren't creeping on YOU, or at least aren't trying to, as it happened in the first-noted story, but hey, they're creeping on SOMEBODY. There also exist out there other teams of girl, girls who don't give a shit about your feelings. Quelle horreur! The Vapours!

Get a grip, bitches. (Or whatever the equivalent is.) You are not the galactic core of the universe. I don't give a shit; other girls don't give a shit; and that guy you like? Definitely doesn't give a shit. Live with it.

And if you're female and offended at reading the preceding paras then... yeah, I'm talking about you.

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