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Thursday, January 15, 2015

The mind of an anti-Islamophobic scholar of Islam

I was hoping not to look into Morris's stupid commie twitter feed again, because he deserves to be ignored like the kook he is, but zeca at the Council Of Ex Muslims is roping me back in. Morris:

Honesty: There are plenty of interesting things I'd like to blog about, but I'm afraid of how they would be misused by racists and [Islamo-]'phobes. It's not enough to get my facts right, because facts have resonance; they feed into discourses beyond my control. Facts can be weaponised.

I'll justify commenting on grounds that it is a Teaching Moment. About General Principle. Yeah... that's the ticket.

Before I even had a blog, I recall the editor of Biblical Archaeology Review saying more or less just that: that Biblical revisionism was likely to be misused by antisemites. Therefore - he implied - thoroughgoing Old Testament criticism shouldn't be done. I scribbled out a web-page (like I said: before blog) complaining about it. I really should re-edit that and re-post it, especially since that very editor has revealed himself a hypocrite on religious-sensitivities where Shia-Islam hits at Christianity... UPDATE 1/16: done. Proud to have it as the proto-blog first-link on this site.

But anyway. Once you've decided to conceal facts about group A because you dislike group B which opposes group A, then you're no longer a scholar with respect to group A. You're an antischolar; you've sold your soul. Like, I believe, Robert Hoyland has sold his soul, and for similar reasons: to struggle (tajhîd) against Islamophobia.

Given that Morris is a Piketty-citing communist, a Red agent, a servant of the Revolution: nobody should feel surprise at any of this. There is a higher truth, to the communist; a political truth, a revolutionary truth. And that latter "truth" is whatever might be of use to resist the strongest adversary to Utopia: which adversary - Morris believes - is extended-family self-interest ("racism") and private property ("capital"). Facts can never get in the way.

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