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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The 2015 edition(s)

It has been close to two years since Edition IV of The Arabs and Their Qur'an. Since then I have done a whole new book, and new essays, and a fairly thoroughgoing series of edits to House of War.

In that span, we have also seen Maria Conterno and Joseph Witztum throw some serious spanners into the works. Conterno has questioned the whole ethos of tracking down sources for Byzantine / Syrian history. As the same time Witztum has questioned Neuwirth's sequence of 20 > 7.

In the meantime I've also found the usual bugs in mine own work. This might, incidentally, explain why sales of Throne of Glass have been slow. See, I'd admitted here before that the other two books were put out too early. This really wasn't wise from a marketing standpoint.

So anyway. I now feel Arabs can justify a new edition - it's the fifth, and I truly am sorry about the 2012-13 flurry; but one lives and learns. For those who got the earlier editions: here is where I support Treadgold (and by extension Hoyland) against Conterno. Here is where I (partly) support Neuwirth against Witztum. Both arguments are now developed more fully in the relevant essays in this book. Mostly I get to stand my ground (yay!) but I do, now, see how sura 7 relied on Charlton Heston dubbed in Syriac (as well as on sura 20).

Throne is also getting a tweak. This one isn't really at the "second edition" stage; those readers about whom I know were happi(er) with it when it came out. But it's sold few enough copies that a small bugfix can't hurt. It should point to the new Arabs at least.

Will let you know when available.

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