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Monday, January 05, 2015


Human cultures are organic. Organic entities on entering another organic field have several options. Two/three are the obvious: flight, or else victory on the one hand and acceptance of submission on the other. These options won't detain us here. There's also complete segregation while passing through the same space, but that's a subset of "flight". Parasitism is one means to coexist with a stronger adversary - to steal what one can whilst the host doesn't notice. A more stable means is symbiosis, where whatever the "beta" organism takes is repaid in services.

Since we humans don't have to keep to our birth-culture, we also have the option of assimilation: abandonment of our birthright, and acceptance of the new. The Americans, and to some extent the French, have been big on this. Before our secular missions-civilatrices other nations have sent Christian missionaries, or the word of Islam, Buddhist monks or whatever. And I do affirm that this tactic often works, where enough time has passed. Thilo Sarrazin, ultimately of Arab ancestry by way of lower France, will not apologise for being of Arab-French ancestry; but he is loyal to his nation Germany.

Some cultures don't want to assimilate, and still expect to make a living off the host nation. The host's members understand that these outsiders haven't gone away, they haven't assimilated; and they see that they're not conquerors, and not subjects. So what are they? Parasites! the host exclaims in horror.

The outsiders might retort that they are symbiotes. But words are words, and the outsiders are still left being the minority. If the outsiders can't win and won't leave, then perhaps the outsiders might argue the case better? I suggest they should argue this case best by deeds, not by words.

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