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Saturday, January 10, 2015


It crossed my notice late last October and through November that there was a spike in book-sales. A couple weeks back I looked up some keywords, and I ran across The Council of Ex-Muslims. First there was zeca, and then countjulian - which comment he then stickied to the forum.

I am grateful for the attention - especially from countjulian. If I am reading him right, he's thrown the thumbs-up to the independent essays and (by extension) to The Arabs and Their Qur'an and all those appendices. That's the first time I've seen feedback on those dry and multitudinous essays. I hope that he enjoys the narrative portions of the two real books, as well.

The forum, by the way, is becoming a must-visit part of my day. I've found a vast pile of new material there; from the above two, and also from Zaotar, with honourable-mentions too many to, er, mention.

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