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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Scott Walker isn't our Reagan

Scott Walker has done pretty well governing Wisconsin over the years, and has certainly made the right enemies. Now the legislature(s) in Wisconsin, both Republican, want to enact some Republican legislation. Walker's not for it, and has made it known that he wants workers to continue to fund unions against their will.

Well, Walker's for some of the proposals. He's for lowering state taxes (during a budget deficit). As for some of the proposals he doesn't want, like some of the pro-life legislation, I can take or leave them at this point. But right-to-work?

I can get that Walker doesn't want street-fights, and the inevitable headlines where Dindu Nuffins, Jr gets ventilated by a cop or three. But he's going to get the street-fights anyway. Union thugs will see a refusal to fight as weakness, and will plan accordingly.

UPDATE 1/5/2015: #nevillewalker

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