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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Non tu quoque

A Danish linguist has investigated the "basic texts" to find out which religion is most warlike. h/t, Lilyesque @ da Council. So, when you read smug Twitterites like Eugene Kane saying As some rush to demonize all Muslims for violence of a few, remember many KKK members were devout Christians who attended church regularly., keep that in mind.

This blog has never claimed that Christianity is perfect. I have never had illusions about individual Christians, either. I have, right here, gone so far as to show how A has led to B. I am not even here to say whether the Ku Klux Klan, or its followers and enablers, were morally right or justified - we are all agreed that we can't make moral judgements, where the question at hand is adherence to base principle. So, when I say the following, know that I am looking into the facts impartially.

Any insinuation that Christianity at its base has condoned, or could condone, the Ku Klux Klan is a lie.

The KKK at most went along with the Southern Baptist Convention's heresy, against the doctrines of Paul especially. To that, the SBC has, oopsie, recognised this and repented. The KKK is not Christian; it never was Christian, and by the 1910s under President Wilson and (later) Governor Morely it had become more-or-less a post-Christian Progressive outfit.

By contrast, check out the texts of Islam. Zoatar at the Council of Ex Muslims brings up an important point, just too many elements to "Islam", but we're not looking into whether Fred Donner (or myself!) is right about Muhammad bringing a pious Semitic oecumenism to the Near East. We are looking at the texts which are canon today. And those texts are - well, they're here, and testably subject to analysis by linguists.

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