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Monday, January 26, 2015

Maybe there really are prophets in a wormhole

Vox Day sees demons. I think he may have a point.

Consider the Deep Space Nine episode, "Strange Bedfellows". But first, background: we are on the alien planet Bajor, whose locals serve the Bajorian prophets under a hierarchy. These "prophets" are transdimensional aliens living in a wormhole, the "celestial temple"; their spiritual power is termed pa. Meanwhile the head of the Bajoran hierarchy is titled kai; and the current kai is one Winn Adami - already established as an opportunist who uses pious display and Bajoran resentment to get what she wants. (Winn is literally played by the same actress as played Nurse Ratched a generation prior.) Needless to say the prophets want nothing to do with Winn and they provide anyone else with visions... right up to the (human and, whilst we're at it, self-consciously black) captain of DS9.

But there exist rival aliens. These had long ago been cast out from this temple / wormhole and now must roam the world as incorporeal pa wraiths. In this episode Winn now receives visions - visions from these rebel malâ'ika. Winn is naturally horrified and goes to one of our protagonists, to confess tearfully that she wants to serve the true prophets. She is told, it was power that got her to this mess; to be loved by the true prophets, she must renounce power.

If the Church of Christ means anything, it requires a hierarchy and this hierarchy must be headed by men. No woman should seek this authority; they are saved by humility, working toward the betterment of others. Libby Lane loves status and subversion, and you can see it in her face. Lane has no interest in the Church of Christ. She is Winn Adami on her way to power.

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