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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Halfway there

This morning I've approved the changes to The Arabs and Their Qur'an. Right now Amazon is still listing it as edition 4, but I think (I don't remember well) I can get this bumped to 5[th] if I just send them here to last night's page. While we're all at it, I hope they've got House of War listed as 3[rd] (which it is); I need to check that. * just did; it seems I hadn't ever stuck an "edition" note in there before, so, did that.

BUYER BEWARE: I DID NOT CHANGE HOUSE OF WAR THIS MONTH. So if you already got edition 3, do NOT buy it NOW! I mean, unless you're planning on gifting it to some Chechens with my home address. In that case it's cool. (On second thought maybe not.)

As for Throne of Glass... bayna my own poor editing skill wa-bayna Microsoft Word, Throne of Glass's layout is now shot. I have to un-shoot it before I can put it back up there.

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