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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dishonesty and abortion

There are ways to be honest about the abortion debate. So far I've counted three.

One can oppose it; perhaps with that extremely narrow exception for the imminent death of the mother and child. One can assert, with Medea, that the mother is sovereign. Lastly one can (this is rare) support abortion: for instance, a eugenicist. Also there are those... others. The host of Unamusement Park once, perhaps joking and certainly trolling, said he was for it for everyone except for whites. I didn't count those who profess not to care but I'll throw that in as a defensible position (everyone's got hobbies). We can opine that any or all of these positions are odious. We cannot find them contemptible.

I've said before that the "pro choice" position is contemptible - because not all involved parties can have a choice. Another contemptible position is to support it in cases of the "health" of the mother, because this is an escape-clause for weasels.

It is looking like the rape exception is weaseltalk too. It's real easy for ostensible pro-lifers to say "except for rape [and incest]". But that means a crime is alleged; and not only that, but a crime where we can know by a simple blood test on mommy approximately half the entire genome of the rapist [and if incest, more than half]. All of this is testable in court. If we're not testing this in court, then we're defining "rape" as "second thoughts two months later"; like we've defined "health" as "I feel really bad right now".

Individual GOP politicians, and their class as a self-interested group (as opposed to the conservative ideologues who write that platform) don't want to test this in court. They did up to the 1980s but they don't anymore. The politicos know the demographics of the electorate. No Republican wants a lot of nonwhite bastards in her district, which would make it not her district anymore. I must agree with HalfSigma and, now, 5Yg+I (Hector) in these comments: deep down, Republicans are Unamusement Park Rangers. Maybe their party should run on that platform and save our ears the bother.

APPENDIX: Note that the GOP is fully on the bandwagon of "rape" being "second thoughts two months later". I'll let that all sink in, for you men out there (and for you female lovers of lesbian women).

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