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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Demonstrating against parodies of Muhammad

As a rule, a "demonstration" is a demonstration of physical force. You demonstrate a pistol by firing it at a cantaloupe, was Moldbug's comment. As I've said here before.

Also as a rule, country A doesn't believe in belief B, and country B doesn't believe in belief A. So A should expect B to mock A's beliefs; and likewise B.

So when mobs in B demonstrate against (some people in) A's mockery of B - the mobs under B are pushing the B leaders to force A to repress those dissidents within A. They want aggressive-politics - they ultimately want war against A. Hey, lefties and Ronulans - just consider them as "neocons of Ishmael".

I wonder why we here in A don't feel like it's in our rights to go force some stuff on B. Like, to find out where these mobs are gathering and to BOMB them. They've done enough of that over here in A, 'alama Allahu. (I might be hazy on the subject / verb order.)

Sure we can talk root-causes and 'oo bombed 'oo. But right now I happen to live in A. And I don't trust B, and don't want any of it on me. I'll settle for not letting any more citizens of B to enter into A territory.

UPDATE 1/26: Jim does it better. And we're being reminded that Lawrence Auster (on whom peace) had similar instincts.

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