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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Chest-cold diary

For medical science! I'll report, based on memory, how my new year has gone.

1 JAN: Woke up feeling as usual. [I don't remember what all I ate.] Hared off to a Barnes-and-Noble; ordered a 16-oz mocha. Posted the New Year's series of stuff you saw then, here and on the Islamic side-site. Started feeling icky that afternoon. Nasal, dry-eye, achy...

2 JAN: Yep, something bad was going on. Nasal and chest, with other aches-and-pains. Went to work. Skipped coffee that day; ate (microwaved) burrito-brunch and (microwaved) dinner. That night endured the headache, fever(?), nausea. This was the low point. Almost puked.

3 JAN: Yay Saturday! Most of this day was spent nappin'. Part of this might be caffeine withdrawal. Mostly I was stuffed up. One meal: a Campbell's chicken soup tin from years ago; which is, technically, two servings. I cannot affirm that it helped the nausea but I did still keep it all down.

4 JAN: Yay Sunday! Less naptime. Still stuffy. Still avoided the dark Outside. One meal: quarter-pounder.

5 JAN: Back to work. VERY stuffy (the office isn't the most hygienic); short of temper. At least the weather was better. Perhaps I shouldn't have been there. Meals: small burrito, microwaved chicken-something.

6 JAN: Today. Coughs are more phlegmatic. Mood better. And the weather is still nice; so, ventured back to a (different) Barnes-and-Noble on break. One meal: grilled turkey sandwich, plus two small bags of potato crisp (I saved the second; just ate it now).

To the extent my secondary resolution this year is to lose weight - and I suppose it is - I'm doing great. (Although the nutritionists are probably and ironically getting coronaries reading the details.) I never promised to give up caffeine but, for the sake of short-term naptimes, I've accomplished that too. Also I appreciate how the timing of this disease has coincided so well with the start of a calendar; it makes for excellent progress-reports.

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