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Monday, January 26, 2015

Books up again

On the ongoing saga of Islamic research and "publication" (in the CreateSpace sense), I admit I've left you all hanging, so: Throne of Glass has been up, for about a week. I didn't say much because ... I'd increasingly come to the knowledge that I'd have to yank down The Arabs and Their Qur'an again.

Especially given last weekend. I'd rediscovered Boullata's 2000 book on Qur'anic style and structure. First time I'd read it was, I think, in 2006 and from it I'd photocopied (for personal use) Zahniser's work on suras 2 and 4 - and this really was one excellent essay, and it's cited all over the place here (hooray for xerox!). As of this last few days, I've found that Anthony F Johns had provided another large essay on sura 25. I'd first looked at sura 25 in late 2010, or maybe even '11. So of course nothing of Johns was mentioned in any essays I've ever done. One of which, "The Furqân", I'm trying to, er, sell; as well as to get scholars to take seriously. Which the scholars won't do if they think the essays are incomplete which this one, I now know, was.

Other bugfixes also went in, but that bugfix was the main bugfix. Anyway the essay-collection is now back up there, still with the same page-count, and - since no-one bought it over that span - still a "fifth" edition. Throne of Glass - covering a period when sura 25 was already canon - remains unscathed.

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