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Monday, January 05, 2015


It's being said that Muhammad came to eradicate terrorism. Robert Spencer counters, tell that to sura 8 and the Sunnite Hadith. (Spencer doesn't always win but in this case, despite that his linkage is broken, I think he does.) That's not even the worst of it, though.

It is impossible for a human force to eradicate human evil. To eradicate human evil is to eradicate... humans. And in any case every ruling class that has EVER existed has defined "human evil" as "humans resisting our authority". A century of liberal efforts toward fighting evil has yielded nothing but mountains of skulls.

So for a Muslim to claim that the warlord Muhammad was going to produce a world without sin - which is more than even I'd claim of him - is to say that Muhammad wasn't just an adventurer; he was an angel of God sent to Earth to rule it. A Muslim like this is not even a "fundamentalist". He is a servant of apocalypse. He is the Caliph's man.

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