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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wael Hallaq gets panned

Youssef Cherem doesn't much like The Impossible State.

I am no fan of Hallaq nowadays. I have called him "abusive, dishonest and fundamentally lazy" - also in the context of his most recent activities. But I'd found his earlier work to be quite good.

Cherem to this end appended a look at his other books, such as his “Introduction to Islamic Law”. Here, asserts Cherem, the idealization of Muslim thought and practice is also evident. Hmm. Maybe. I hadn't seen this "idealization" in The Origins and Evolution of Islamic Law (2005); in fact I even found some revisionism in there. Origins was not up to par with Steven Judd's excellent Religious Scholars and the Umayyads (2014) on that period, sure; but Judd was standing on Hallaq's shoulders. Granted I haven't personally read either book Cherem's talking about, in this latter case Introduction.

If Cherem is interested, he could perhaps research where Hallaq started to go wrong. It might be a cautionary tale for the rest of us.

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