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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Upload #98: Blow by blow

New essay: "Blasting the Sultan". I never liked the single-page aside I'd stuck onto "Sura 13's Sources" (itself an appendix, to House of War) about the relationship between suras 13, 69, and 101. It was really a sura 69 project but I didn't have enough content at the time. Now, here's that sura 69 project. Mind you, now I've got sura 54 stuff intruding into this project. . .

In the process I also found something in Q. 9:70 relevant to "Abraham's Promise". And "Ekdikos" and "Uncollected" have taken on some typo-corrections, back on 16 December at midnight, which I didn't get around to uploading then (I was tired) - so this is a good time for it.

NEW YEAR UPDATE: Okay, NOW you'll see 'em, along with the "Interceding with God" update.

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