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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Up south

In North America and in Great Britain, the highlands are to the north and water tends to drain south. It makes sense for us to say "down south". It might make similar sense in most of southern Europe, in Rome, in Sweden, in Pakistan... anyway. You get it.

This may explain why we've aligned maps to point north as up. Really the only time I've had to think of up as south is when discussing Upper Egypt - I suppose I was about eight years old when I got my head around that.

The Egyptians were more right from a true geometric standpoint. All planets and stars bulge at the equator. Saturn is the worst but the effect isn't absent here. So when you're traveling south from the Northern Hemisphere, you're actually travelling away from the centre of the Earth. There's a word for that. The word is "up".

The top of the maps here really should be aligned south. The local maps of the Aussies and Argentines, though, are fine.

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