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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Robert Hoyland goes Islamosoviet

Not only has Fighting In God's Path undergone a namechange, but it's lazily fallen into the "anti-Islamophobia" bandwagon. As a result I have shown it no pity.

And as far as my charge against him of concealing evidence from the reader - that's a serious charge. As Crossan said in a different context (reviewing The Real Jesus): when charges like that are made, someone is being unethical. So I'll pre-emptively defend mine own ethics right here... Hoyland's 1998 book Seeing Islam (which is out of print now) listed in pages 500-1 a whole host of sources in Christianity and Islam that noted al-Hajjaj as a severe editor of the Book of Allâh. Assuming that Hoyland is not legally blind and retarded, Hoyland is further aware of subsequent scholarship by (for instance) de Prémare listing even more sources making the same claim against al-Hajjaj; some of these sources being Muslim. Hoyland knows that modern scholarship on Islam harbours serious questions about the integrity of the Qur'an's text. He told the scholars this in 1998. He won't tell the general public today.

It's sad to watch a once-promising scholar become an apologist for a totalitarian ideology, but not entirely surprising given how Islamic Awareness loves his work.

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