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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Rep. Steve Scalise (R, LA) is unfit for command

HotAir, on Steve Scalise's boners. Spoiler: these are not the sort of boner Mrs Scalise might approve.

Two decades ago David Duke was a player in Louisiana state politics, to the point of getting a runoff in the gubernatorial election. One decade ago David Duke was organising "Euro-American" events, mainly knocking Jews (he'd given up knocking blacks for the most part). Scalise, at this time, was delivering non-racial stump speeches in that state; with some comments on, "Duke believes in such-and-such, and I believe in some of it too, but Duke can't be elected and I can". Since then Scalise has been serving in the House of Representin' where he has proven his worth... as a Boehner sycophant and an opponent of the "Tea Party". A couple days ago some bloggers floated some evidence that Scalise was at one o' them Duke events. The evidence was strong enough to convince Scalise himself.

There was a mini-tempest at Ace's last night about whether Scalise should speak at a white-rights conference, even to deliver an unrelated message. Some said yes up to the point of Duke and beyond. I said - because Mischling - that Jared Taylor is okay, but that Duke is too far. (Figuring out exactly where the line is drawn is among the Mischling's favourite pastimes.)

Today it's turning out that Scalise might have spoken at the same venue but at a different time and, probably, to a different audience. That would render the whole controversy a waste of time and/or a joke. Excepting maybe for Scalise's associations with an associate of Duke, but pace Allahpundit I don't see that gaining traction.

And so here we are. The Internet now knows where the Duke partisans are, where the racists are, where the right-wing bed-wetters are. I wonder if that was the aim all along, in the line of "let a thousand flowers bloom".

I'll say this much. Scalise was and is sloppy. He doesn't know where he was speaking at a dozen years ago - didn't keep a diary or a blog - and he still can't come up with any clue to this day. He either apologises for his stance then, making him a weasel who throws associates under the bus; or else he apologises for stuff he didn't even do, which makes him an idiot (and even here we'd have to wonder if Scalise would have gone to the event if he'd known of it). However he plays it, he looks like an opportunist (which we've all known he is) and a coward (which we've only just learnt). He needs some time on the backbench I think.

UPDATE 7/16/2017: Maybe he liked Gonick's histories.

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